Yīn Jiā


NameYīn Jiā
Birth DateJuly 15th
Birth PlaceShanghai, China
Height178 cm
LoverYù Huā.
Country of ResidenceJapan
OccupationOffice Worker


Yīn Jiā, like any other only child, is lavished with attention as a child. He is the only apple in his parents’ eyes, which is why they are so fond of him and hope he will grow up to be a good man. But Yīn Jiā is actually clumsy, and he needs to put in more effort to fulfill his parents’ wish back then. Hence, he always tried his hardest in school to be a good kid and it’s almost as if he’s hiding his true self.After meeting with Yù Huā, he has changed his way of life. Yīn Jiā had no idea that his small kindness had made a positive impression on the younger one. That’s why he was grateful to Yù Huā. Eventually, Yīn Jiā was able to behave like any other adult in their twenties and it was all thanks to Yù Huā who broke through his hard shell.